Why Do Roofs Leak?

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One More Reason to Hire a Reputable Roof Service Provider

 Even the best roofing system will eventually deteriorate and start to leak. Sad but true. But when you know where the leakage is, you will be able to call a professional roof service provider to troubleshoot the problem. This blog post will provide you with more information about the most common causes of roofing water ingress.

  • Broken shingles; this is a very typical issue caused by heavy rainfall and strong winds. All you have to do to detect it is climb a ladder and look at your rooftop. Do you see a lot of sections with missing or damaged shingles? If so, you must call a specialist right away. He will take into account several factors and decide whether to fix them or suggest a new installation.
  • Improperly-sealed valleys; this is the area where two planes of the roof come together. As you can imagine, these two places form a seam which if not properly sealed, it will soon begin to let in rainwater. An experienced roofer will most probably replace this material with a new water-resistant barrier.
  • Cracked flashing; Flashing is a thin metal layer installed underneath the shingles and the joints to make them a more secure barrier against the weather conditions. As it is exposed to them too, water will start acting as a corrosive substance and the flashing will soon crack. As a result, you will have a leaky roof. In any case, a competent roofer will have to perform the necessary corrections to rectify this failure.
  • Ice dams build up; Ice dams can be a real bugaboo for homeowners living in regions with harsh winters. The weight of ice and snow can cause terrible damage to any roofing system. But the worst scenario comes when they begin to melt. A possible solution for you is to buy a roof rake and remove snow and ice from the rooftop accordingly.

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