Beware of These 4 Typical Roofing Scams

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Did You Hire a Legitimate Roof Repair Technician?

 Unfortunately, the roofing industry is full of unprofessional contractors offering cheap services and materials. This field of trade provides the ideal conditions for inexperienced roofers to offer their unreliable services. How can you avoid hiring a fly-by-night roof repair technician?

  • The storm chasers; one of the most common frauds is a group of workers showing up at your door after a storm. They usually choose areas hit by a hurricane or tornado to make some money. These roofers will tell you that your system was exposed to extreme weather and convince you to let them check it out. Red flag! You can be sure if your roof is fine, they will make some damage.
  • Door-to-door roofers; there is one thing you should remember here, a professional roofing contractor will never use such a sales method to attract clients. Roofers will show up at your door explaining politely that they have been in your neighborhood and suggest you perform some repairs at low rates. Sounds attractive, right? If you fall for their fraud, you will become the next victim of a scam.  They will do the minimum of work to get their payment from your insurance company. The consequences of such a cheap repair job will show soon enough.
  • High-pressure sales tactics; this kind of scamming technique is used by roofers who normally hit areas with more senior citizens. They will knock on your door smiling and offering you the deal of the century. They will suggest they inspect and fix your roofing system at exclusively low rates only today. Red flag! If you agree to such a bid, you will definitely regret your decision later. You will wake up one day with a warped roof that will need professional attention anyway.
  • The mysteriously disappearing down payment; Some workers will try to persuade you to pay half of the total cost of your roof repair in advance. Never accept such a deal, specialists advise. You probably won’t see them again. The possible solution here is to ask to see their license and insurance policy.

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