Basement finishing

A – Z Handyman & Roofing Service is one of the finest basement remodeling companies serving in the Conyers, GA and the surrounding area.

We offer total basement finishing services with our dedicated crew of professionals who know how to remodel your entire basement at a reasonable price. Basements are a very important part of the house. If you are in the area of Peachtree City, Stone Mountain, or Conyers, GA and your need basement finishing, you can count on us.

Basement finishing solutions by A – Z Handyman & Roofing ServiceAn ill planned basement’s uses may be restricted in earthquake zones, because of the chance of the higher up floors collapsing into the basement; on the other hand, they may be required in tornado-prone areas as a shelter against the violent winds. Adding a basement can also drop heating and cooling costs as it is a form of earth sheltering, and a way to lower a building’s exterior area-to-volume ratio. The housing density of a space will also effect whether or not a basement is considered necessary.

We can remodel your basement to serve just about any purpose you can imagine. A – Z Handyman & Roofing Service is ready to help you plan and design your basement renovation. We work with your basement ideas, offering expert design advice and an array of ideas to create the extra room you’ve always wanted. We’ll meet with you to determine your objectives, and will agree on a budget and time table for transforming your basement into the expanded living space you’ve always wanted.

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